venue: Fisher Theatre, Bungay Suffolk, U.K.
date: Saturday 4th June 2011

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Well what a day it was. There was some pre-gig drama preceding the event, but the day proved to be a roaring success in it's execution. And if only more people had turned up, but those that did seemed to have a good time and were very friendly giving a lot of support and encouragement.

The event started with the Geigertek set and despite a few bum notes (which no-one seemed to notice), it went very well and if the compliments Neil received afterwards were anything to go by, it went down well with the audience. Neil was joined on two tracks in the opening section of the set by Code Indigo's guitarist/bassist, Nigel Turner-Heffer, who played some absolutely blinding lead guitar - huge thanks to him for his invaluable contribution. The Geigertek set list was as follows:

1. The Theme from The Avengers (yes, you read right and it was the Emma Peel version with the horn stabs and trumpet solo)
2. The Gift of Goodbye Part 1 (from "The Timeless Mind")
3. In Another Light (from "The Timeless Mind" with Nigel Turner-Heffer on lead guitar)
4. Spirit-Walking (from "The Timeless Mind" with Nigel Turner-Heffer on lead guitar)
5. Between Two Worlds (from "The Garden")
6. The Stirring of Echoes (from "The Timeless Mind")
7. The Rivered Moon (from "The Garden")
8. Songbird Bathing In Blue (from "The Garden")
9. Excerpts (a medley of pieces from the forth-coming "Soundtrack For City Living" CD)
10. The Sculpture and the Wall (from "The Garden")
11. Fast Lane (from the forth-coming "Soundtrack For City Living")

Neil was pleased to be able to play new material from the pending Geigertek album "Soundtrack For City Living" which was released in the following October, but was also happy "re-do" a couple of tracks from "The Garden". The Geigertek set had a terrific video back drop, created by the awesomely clever Dave Massey, which featured some of Neil's Urban Exploration images.