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New Album:
now in production for release late 2013/early 2014

GEIGERTEK is the electronic music project of U.K. electronic music composer and musician, Neil Fellowes

It is dedicated to the creation of melodic electronically ambient and electronica music, using software synthesizers, computers, sound processors and production techniques.

The music of Geigertek is signed to leading independent U.K. label AD Music and is written, recorded and produced by Neil Fellowes using a contemporary computer-based recording facility, located in the East Anglian city of Norwich in the United Kingdom. Details of the studio used by Geigertek can be found HERE

Already within a short musical journey, Geigertek has worked with and performed alongside some of the leading players within the European electronic music community, including Klaus (Cosmic) Hoffmann-Hoock, Code Indigo, Ron Boots, Ian Boddy, Brendan Pollard, Robert Fox and Radio Massacre International as well as an on-going collaboration with leading U.K. electronic music composer, David Wright.

In 2009, Geigertek's Neil Fellowes became a member of Code Indigo as well as joining electronic music group Callisto, replacing Dave Massey for live performances only.

Details of Geigertek releases can be found HERE.